There may be occasions during your relationship when you hurt your Honey’s feelings or s/he hurts your feelings. There may be those rare times that your beloved does or says something that shakes your trust or you do or say something that shakes his or hers. Those times may seem like the end of your […]
“People say Love is blind because they do not know what love is, I say unto you, only love has eyes; other than love everything is blind” says Osho (one of the greatest mystics ever happened on earth). I completely agree with him. Love is often said to be blind as people who are in […]
Congratulations, you met someone you like (through friends, online dating services, on your own, or any other way…) and you are going on a date! Here are some basic first date tips to help you to get ready to your date. Apparel is of course the trickiest of them all, you need to look gorgeous, […]
This at the best of times can be tough to figure out. You may at this point be asking, “what is she actually thinking”? We men often face this question at various intervals throughout our lives. The first thing you fear is getting this wrong. No one likes rejection and nobody wants to make a […]